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Tire Table

tire table roof tents

We stock both the Steel and the lightweight Aluminium Tire Tables.

Steel - £155 inc. VAT

Aluminium - £180 inc. VAT

The Tire Table is collapsible, portable and compact, making it a great accessory for your adventures.

The Tire Table can be used on all 4 tyres including an exposed rear spare tyre. It uses the tyre as a main support, making it completely stable regardless of the ground conditions. There is also a centre retractable leg for extra support if needed.

We are an authorised dealer of the original Tailgater Tire Table.

Please contact us to place an order & for delivery information.

Carry Bag - £30 inc. VAT

tire table roof tent

These will fit both the Steel & Aluminium Tire Tables

tire table roof tent
tire table roof tent

Tire mounted table

Stable regardless of the ground conditions

Retractable leg for extra support

Steel/Aluminium powder coated

Fits most tyres 14" & up

Holds up to 23kg

Installs within seconds

No tools or hitch required

Size: Length 74cm x Width 58cm


tire table roof tents
tire table roof tents
tire table roof tents
tire table roof tents
tire table roof tents
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